Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CHICAGO about to get CRAZY

Since my last blog post almost 3 weeks ago (I may be the worst blogger in America), an entire Olympics came and went, Baseball players not only reported for spring training but cactus league games have also started, and the NBA trading deadline happened in the most intriguing deadline possible ever before the Free Agent class of 2010 hits open waters. I will quickly run through how each team has faired!

BLACKHAWKS- The team send 6 players to the Olympics (3 for Canada, 2 for Slovakia, and 1 for USA) and 4 were rewarded with medals (3 golds and 1 silver) after the incredible gold medal came between Canada and the United States. The Blackhawk players were probably the most effective players send from a single team to the Olympics. Jonathan Toews was named the best forward of the tournament, Duncan Keith played the most minutes, Patrick Kane ignited the Americans suprising run, and Marian Hossa almost gave the Slovakians their first medals ever in hockey (they finished 4th). Now its time for the last 21 games of the season before the march for the Stanley cup Playoffs begins.

BULLS- The team had been playing well recently after the trade deadline up until 2 consecutive losses coupled with injuries to some of the teams best and cornerstone players. The biggest news is the Bulls traded away enough to get enough cap space to sign 1, possibly 2 max free agents. This would turn this franchise into 1 of the 5 biggest franchises in ALL sports in the US as well as make them the #1 draw in Chicago, which is saying alot. The Bulls are battling hard for a playoff spot, but let it be known the real prize will begin this summer to see whether the Bulls can land a combination of LeBron, Wade, or Chris Bosh.

CUBS- They have all reported for spring training to during around last years disaster of a season and begin playing cames in the next day or so. The Cubs will get much more attention as the season begins, but lets just say there is still that "Eternal Optimism" with the Cubbies this year.

COLLEGE HOOPS- And this is why March is my favorite month of the year for sports, March F-ing Madness! I have been an avid follower of the sport and tournament since I was like 3, and nothing gets my juices flowing like the Conference tournaments and the Selection Sunday. So Excited (even if the Illini are choking and SIU is just flat miserable nowadays)

Stayed tuned because I will be updating the blog much more frequently now!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday night was a great night to be a fan of CHITOWN's sports teams. The Bulls and Hawks both won aswell as the state's flagship college basketball program, University of Illinois. Day's like that where every team you're rooting for wins, even the underdogs (the Illini in this case, make it great to be a sports fan. I'm estactic about the victories.

Friday, January 29, 2010


So even though I am writing this Friday evening, Thursday was a money day to be a fan of Chicago sports. Derrick Rose became the Bulls first All-Star since MJ. Holy shnikes! It's been 12 long years since a Bulls fan could root from a player for their favorite team. I know the Bulls have lacked star power but that is hardly the case anymore. Good for the team, the organization, and more specifically D-Rose.
In other news, my love for the Blackhawks only grew more last night with the OT win over the Sharks in San Jose. Those 2 teams lead the NHL in points and what a great game. The Blackhawks showed some real toughness and proved they have the edge needed for the postseason.
Now its time for me to get on to my weekend activities but luckily sports never take a day off so I will definately be posting in a few days.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicago Sports Nut

I am a complete Chicago sports nut. A diehard. It doesn't matter who the team is, just what seasonal sport is on display. The Fire- like 'em, The Bears- really like 'em, The Bulls- love 'em, The Blackhawks- infatuated with them, and then there is the CUBS- my ALLTIME favorite team. I follow Chicago sports religiously. I follow Chicagoland colleges also because i grew up in the northern suburbs and hey, its my home state. The Fighting Illini, my number one favorite team to root for no matter the sport. Northwestern Wildcats, I'm on the bandwagon rooting for the underdogs. The point is, if you didn't learn it in class yesterday from my dissect a website presentation, I am a passionate sports fan and i LOVE my home cities teams (like a true Cubs fan, the White Sox really don't exist in my world. Yeah I know they are our south side rivals but I neither root for them or hope they suck, I'm really partial. I may talk about the SOX occasionally in this blog, but it's highly unlikely.) So there you have it, what you can look forward to me jabbering about for an entire semester and what I am gonna voice my opinion to. 3 Cheers for my teams!